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This time of year means we’re getting together with family and friends, and there is no better way to enjoy our time together than around comforting food, and a few drinks to help us get into ultimate relaxation mode.

During the holidays it is so easy to over-indulge, and we wind up throwing all of our hard earned healthy habits out the window. It is an issue that can cause weight gain, and can easily become a more permanent eating routine taking us well past the holiday season.

The good news is you can eat healthy over the holidays without having to sacrifice a single thing! Here are 5 tips for staying healthy throughout the holidays:

Drink Plenty Of Water

  • Prevents bloating
    • Drinking lots of water over the holidays is important because we’re eating foods that are higher in sodium and consuming dehydrating alcoholic beverages. Water not only helps cleanse the system but it also helps prevent bloating.
  • Gives you a more accurate idea of how hungry you are
    • Thirst can be often misunderstood as hunger, leading to overeating.
  • Helps you drink less unhealthy fluids
    • Much of the time we drink out of habit in social settings, whether it is sugary pop and juice, or wine, beer and liquor. If you have glasses of water in between drinks it helps you pace yourself, and by the end of the night, you may have consumed a couple hundred fewer calories just for swapping out two sugary or alcoholic beverages with refreshing water.

Remind Yourself Of Healthy Portions

  • Try not to overload your plate. The most desirable plate will look like the following: ½ vegetables, ¼ protein, ¼ carbohydrates
  • Place all of your food on a plate before eating it rather than mindlessly snacking directly off of the snack dishes. This will help you keep track of what you’re eating.

Eat Mindfully

  • Eat slowly and take time between servings of food to allow time for your body and brain to register your satisfaction level.
  • It will help if you do not go to dinner famished, have a small snack before so you can make smarter food choices.
  • Be picky about what you eat – choose things you really enjoy! Not things you feel mediocre about. It’s just a waste of space in your stomach, and you’ll wind up eating what you love PLUS what you feel mediocre about. The calories add up quickly this way.

Get Sleep

  • Most of us have holidays from work; remember to take some of that time for you! Get a little extra sleep, your body will thank you. Better rest = less stress = less likely to overeat.

Don’t Give In To Pressure

  • Whether the pressure is to have another drink or a slice of your sister’s famous apple pie – if you’re not feeling it don’t force it. It is okay to respectfully decline.


Follow these tips and you will thank yourself come the New Year when it is much easier to get back into your healthy routine, or even start a new one!