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Hello friends!


It has been a while since I’ve posted for you!


As seasons change in this business I have been more inclined to keep you all updated via email. However, this post in particular is something I wanted to share with all of you! Even those just passing by ☺️.


Today I want introduce you to my friend Niki Toonders. We’ve known each other since high school – a friendship that started out with her big sister and I, but over the years we crossed paths and managed to keep in touch, and now we share a very special common interest in the health space!


Our health is something we must continuously improve, integrating habits that keep us healthy on all levels; including mental, emotional and physical.


What Niki offers covers all three levels and I am so excited for you to read on and learn how you can integrate another level of health into your every day.



Hey There! My name is Niki Toonders, I am a social worker by trade and a doTERRA wellness advocate by passion.


I decided to educate and sell essential oils when I started actively using the products for house cleaning, health related symptoms, cooking and aromatherapy… My experience was so amazing and I couldn’t understand why everyone didn’t have doTERRA in their home.


The answer was pretty simple, not everyone knows about essential oils or why doTERRA.


Well, let me enlighten you!


doTERRA is the largest essential oil company globally because their essential oils are Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® which represents the safest and most beneficial oils available in the world.


doTERRA is recognized for sourcing globally and working WITH the local farmers in harvesting the oils where they are indigenous to. The world of essential oils is vast…a lot of research is being done to enhance our health care system. doTERRA is the company of choice that the health care systems are working with because of their transparent and ethical production.


Check out www.sourcetoyou.com to find more information about the testing of their oils.


For me, doTERRA is more than essential oils. The company has created community, science-based education, financial abundance & unlimited opportunity for people globally.


I strongly believe that reducing the toxic load in your body and home impacts ones physical & emotional self(there’s a lot of research on this too, so do your homework). Optimal health includes healthy eating, exercising and limiting products that are toxic, naturally with changes your overall wellbeing shifts.


I teach about the oils through classes (group or 1:1), workshops and lunch & learns, or we can get creative!


Part of my role as a social worker is connecting people to resources so they can make changes that are needed for their journey. Relevant,  right? Let me guide you through this natural revolution.


Feel free to contact me at niki.toonders@gmail.com if you have any questions or want to collaborate.


Medical disclaimer: doTERRA essential oils are not a replacement for western medicine. Essential oils are a tool to be utilized as a preventative resource and to help manage symptoms.


You can find me in the social world:
Instagram: @nikitoonders / @purifyyourpassion
Private Facebook Group: Purify Your Passion


~Inspiration for those of you who are wedged, wondering, growing or somewhere in between~