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Hello Guys!


I have some exciting news from the Balanced Chef news desk (aka my cozy bed), a bit of an update on blog posts to look forward to, and what you can expect from Balanced Chef this Holiday Season!


My hope for this company is to:

1. Keep you informed about what you are eating

2. Keep you informed about where your ingredients are coming from

Starting next week I am beginning a new blog segment doing just that! Every 2 weeks I will be featuring items from the Balanced Chef menu or any new recipes I may have made at home during the week. I will be sharing my inspiration for the recipe, where I source my ingredients, and maybe a bit of history on the particular culture of the menu item.

Now, let’s talk about the Holiday Season I will be offering Holiday Gift Cards this year! So stay tuned for the release in the next week. If you know anyone who likes to eat quality, nutritious meals or has a busy year ahead, this could be the ticket to giving the best Christmas gift!

The holidays also mean another change in season and updated menu items to maintain our promise of providing locally and seasonally inspired meals. I will be keeping the more popular meals, and replacing some side dishes and replacing non-seasonal produce.


About 90% of the produce I use comes from Ontario, which as you could imagine fresh peppers and cucumbers just don’t come as easily in the Canadian cold. I will be turning to some frozen vegetables (frozen is best because it is picked at the peak of season) and local greenhouses for the few non-seasonal items that are necessary on the menu. You can expect to see heartier meals with the coming menu changes!


To allow for the menu updates we will be closing briefly for the weeks of December 25th and January 1st, with normal pickup and delivery returning January 9th.


Next week I am going to be showcasing my favourite menu item – Garlic Chili Chicken with Roasted Baby Potatoes! The chicken is garlicky with just a hint of spicyness, and the potatoes are perfectly roasted and crispy.


Stay tuned for delicious recipes, and find out more about where YOUR food is coming from!