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The whole situation was heartbreaking, expensive and in the end, I lost Betsy. The pain was like nothing I had ever been through. In between sad moments I thought of how grateful I was, that we were able to give Betsy a fighting chance.  There are many others who would not have financial support in the same situation which is what motivated me to create Operation Betsy.

I want to share Betsy’s story so everyone can understand how meaningful donations are to Operation Betsy, and the impact you’re making on someone’s life.

Betsy’s Early Life

I adopted Betsy when I was 18. After going through my first breakup with my high school boyfriend I begged my parents to let me adopt a little Yorkie, she would give me something to focus on and gave me a sense of responsibility in my early adult years. From the time she was a puppy until she passed, we were like two peas in a pod, she would sit shotgun while I would run my errands, participated in slumber party’s on girls night, and anywhere I was allowed to take her she would be right with me. She was my shadow.


When Betsy Became Ill

On February 1st after a trip to grandmas and the pet store, we came home and Betsy fell ill. The following day we brought her to the vet where blood was taken and she was administered an IV, medication and I was instructed to bring her back if things became worse. She seemed to be getting better, but suddenly on February 4th she began throwing up again and we knew something wasn’t right.


We were in Ottawa visiting Jon’s sister and took Betsy into an emergency vet where they gave us a grim diagnosis, and a quote of $7,000 – $10,000 to treat her illness, with a 30% chance she wouldn’t survive the surgery. Shocked, devastated and totally unsure of how to handle the situation, we decided to take her back home to London and get a second opinion.


Another vet and another bill later they recommended we take her to the Guelph Small Animal Hospital. They ran tests and decided to keep her, as they did not reach the same diagnosis as the original hospital in Ottawa.  At this point we were hopeful.


On February 5th at 4 pm, they called us to tell us she would need emergency surgery as certain enzyme levels had elevated beyond safe. They then called us in the middle of her surgery to tell us things did not look good and gave me the option to euthanize her or continue with treatment, but the outlook was poor. Every part of me wanted to see her one last time, to tell her how much I loved her and to give her the comfort she had always given me throughout the years, but I knew it would be for my own benefit to wake her out of surgery in such pain, and with a slim chance that she would recover. With that, we had her euthanized while she was already under so her suffering was no longer.


Helping Other Pet Owners

I learned that there are pet owners who have to say goodbye to their furry friends way too soon because they cannot afford treatment. It is so devastating when someone has no other option, and their only family is their animal. They might be forced to euthanize even if their sick pet stands a fighting chance. Operation Betsy funds are used for emergency medical treatment for ailing pets and their owners when they might think their only option is to say goodbye. So far we have raised $850 towards Operation Betsy! So thank you, everyone, for your support!


The Importance of Pet Insurance

We can create fundraisers for emergency situations, but the best policy is to always be prepared. Had we been insured with Betsy it would have made our situation much easier in an already stressful time. We would have made decisions more quickly and might have even saved Betsy’s life if we didn’t have to sort through our financial situation before making decisions. I am grateful for this experience because it means I get to share Betsy’s story, and we can potentially save other animals.