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This past week has been an exciting week for me because I tried Balanced Chef for the first time! Yep, that’s right, ME, the owner, using my own service.



In the time it took me to launch this business I put my nose to the grindstone, and truth be told veered away from homemade meals quite a lot. Especially working in a restaurant (.49 cent wings were hard to pass up every Monday and Thursday) at crazy hours, coming home and trying to get everything together for Balanced Chef.


I prepared these meals with you guys in mind, testing and writing and retesting until I felt like I had come up with a delicious meal that I would be proud to recreate for all of you. So yes, I know what the meals taste like, and I know they are delicious. BUT, I failed to try the program!


I mean, I started this business because I had such positive feedback from my earlier customers, but I just thought it was because the food tasted good. Little did I know I was becoming a part of their lifestyle where they were gaining a new freedom in their week, and they had the reassurance that the meals were 0% processed, 0% refined, and 100% delicious.  


So fast-forward 6 months, and I put my orders in for the following week. Looking through the menu thinking “Mhmm, mhmm, mhmmmm”. Click, click, click, done and the order will be ready for me on Tuesday.


I ordered 10 meals, 1 for lunch and dinner for the next 5 days. The first night I tried one of my meals I was just 10/10 happy and relieved. I had a long day in the kitchen and cooking was not anywhere on my radar on the list of things to do. I was satisfied and so, so happy that these meals are what my customers get to experience EVERY TIME they order through me.



As the week went on, the more value I saw in my own product. Starting with how easy it was to order. And then on Wednesday, when I usually try to get some groceries for at least a couple of meals I realized – I didn’t have to! No prep time, no clean – up. It was so convenient, and I felt like I had more energy because I was eating quality food, and at regular times during the day because it was ready and waiting for me.


Quality and nutrition are so important when it comes to mealtime, in another post I will expand a bit on the quality of food I am preparing, and where/ who I am sourcing my ingredients from.



I will continue to produce high-quality meals because I am my own customer, my family members are also my customers, and I have formed valuable relationships with those who have ordered my meals since beginning this endeavor.


Being busy and hustling towards whichever goals you would like to achieve has never been so easy. This week we are launching our promotion if you register, for first-time orders of $50 or more receive a $10 discount code. Try it out for 1 week and you WILL experience the same benefits!